star wrist tattoos

Posted: January 9, 2011 in star wrist tattoos
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star wrist tattoos

star wrist tattoos

star wrist tattoos

Our fascination with stars is not something new: stars have been frequent subjects of people’s imagination for well over 30,000 years. Our great ancestor’s fascination with the flickering specks sprayed about in the night sky is evident in their high regards, careful attention, and dedication to centuries of experimentation with astrology, astronomy, and most commonly: the inclusion of the origins of the stars interwoven into their unique mythologies which helped to explain the world about them.But is looking up to the shining objects in the heavens for guidance and in hope – beyond mere admiration for stars – something new to people (such as, say, wishing upon a star)?

No, in fact, the ancient Egyptians sought guidance from stars in anticipation of influencing the fate of people’s afterlife, especially the pharaoh’s. By building the great pyramids facing the brightest of northern stars, they hoped to secure a prosperous eternal afterlife for the deceased. In the medieval times, the studies of stars lead to the modern calendar system – monks were inspired by the regularity and orderliness of cosmic bodies and sought to replicate its effects on Earth by structuring accurate time intervals throughout the day. In more recent times, stars were used as guides for travelers, especially sailors out at sea (nautica stars). As such, stars have come to represent a sense of hope, a beacon during eras of uncertainty, a light in times of darkness, and a source of inspiration spanning all generations. The combination of these meanings has resulted in a peculiar associating of stars to another important meaning: the souls of lost loved onesToday nations plow enormous sums of money into studying the universe in hopes of appeasing our deep human hunger for understanding where we come from, our calling and purpose within its space, and gaining further insights into our ultimate destiny.

Thus, stars are not simply luminaries, but they have a deep, long lasting, symbolic meaning to their carriers. Unsurprisingly, star wrist tattoos have become the most popular type of wrist tattoos. The great variety of styles, sizes, colors, ways of placing them on your wrist, and the possibility for adding and mixing other elements (such as hearts), have made this timeless symbol the dominant symbol on people’s wrists.

Stars Designs:

The Three-pointed Star (Trigram) has a wide base for interpretation and can symbolize everything from ancient, sacred ideas such as the Holy Trinity, or Holy Family, to more secular and modern meanings such as technical development on Earth, Sea and Air.

star wrist tattoos

star wrist tattoos

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