star tattoos on stomach

Posted: January 9, 2011 in star tattoos on stomach
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star tattoos on stomach

star tattoos on stomach

star tattoos on stomach

I just have a quick question- I have heard a million different things about getting a tattoo on your stomach and how yes it will stretch with pregnancy or no it will go back just fine. I reallly want to get one right below my navel but I don’t want it to look horrible if I ever have a child. Any ideas?

– It’s very hard to get a definitive answer to a question like this, and even after 10 years tattooing, hard for me to answer, but I’ll give it a try. My wife works for an OB-GYN and I tattoo people. We were having a discussion the other day about pregnancy and stretching out a tattoo. We both agreed that it can be genetics, but maybe also laziness that causes women’s skin to become like cottage cheese during and after pregnancy. We agree that this heavy disfigurement from stretched skin WILL screw up a tattoo, but we’ve seen many women who this does not happen to. It seems to us that my more metropolitan clients have a tendency to take good care of their bodies with aerobics and moisturizing the skin during pregnancy. When we see really bad skin, it’s from the pregnant 18 yr- olds who are less socially aware. I don’t want to sound like an elitist, but we feel that yuppies take better care of themselves, as do those with careers and planned pregnancies. You should take a peek at your Mom’s belly skin, and ask her what she did or did not do to take care of her skin and body during and after pregnancy. I have seen beautiful young women with one child and stretch marks everywhere, and I’ve see others with 5 kids and no loss in – you’ve heard a million different things because everyone stretches differently during pregnancy. some people can have tattoos around their navel & not get any distortion, & some stretch every tattoo in a 1′ radius. if you want it badly enough, get it & find out what happens if you have a kid. there’s a chance it’ll go back to normal, & there’s a chance it’ll need a touchup, & there’s a chance it’ll be ruined. if you aren’t prepared to deal with this, either don’t get the tattoo, wait until after you breed, or DON’T BREED. (i strongly suggest this third option.) look, there’s always a chance that your ink will be ruined. you can slip on mud & wreck a calfpiece, for example. if you want it, get it. if you don’t, well, don’t. it’s THAT EASY. skin or muscle tone.

star tattoos on stomach

star tattoos on stomach

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