star tattoos on side

Posted: January 9, 2011 in star tattoos on side
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star tattoos on side

star tattoos on side

star tattoos on side

I suppose side tattoos can pretty much be made up of anything put on the side of the body.
This side tattoo happens to be one of a shooting star field. At least that’s what it looks like. We all already know that the shooting star is supposed to be a sign that the person with the tattoo either thinks of themselves as some kind of star or believes that they are on the way to becoming a big star. Either that or the idea of the shooting star reminds them of some brief moment in their lives that had a profound effect on their lives, whatever that might be.

If you live long enough everyone will have things happen to them that may seem small and insignificant at the time they happen but will effect their lives greatly before it is all over. These are the type of things that people relate the shooting star tattoos to. However, it is entirely possible that this shooting start tattoo does not stand for any of that. It is a pretty nice looking as far as side tattoos go and I like the coloring a lot. And that is reason enough to get a tattoo like this.
A side tattoo is a very popular tattoo that can also look very sexy and is very easy to cover up when what a woman needs to do is hide a side tattoo. Women frequently get a saying going up their sides but you could also do a cherry blossom tree, a dragon or whatever you want that is long and rectangular. The side tattoo in the picture is a perfect example of what can be done with a little patience and a great tattoo artist. It’s a well designed flower that has quite a bit of dark shading to it. But, my favorite part of this side tattoo is the stem. Well, stem isn’t what I would really call it, maybe star stalk would be a better name for it. But, no matter it’s a stalk that is made up of lines and stars and it reach from the lower abdomen of this woman, all the way up to under her arm pit. It’s very beautifully done. But, I do have one complaint with this side tattoo. I really wish that it had more color. It would really make the design come alive, especially if bright colors like gold, blue and red were used.

star tattoos on side

star tattoos on side

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