star tattoos on ribs

Posted: January 9, 2011 in star tattoos on ribs
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star tattoos on ribs

star tattoos on ribs

star tattoos on ribs

Megan Fox tattoos have created a buzz throughout the internet, Hollywood and fashion world. Some people love them and others hate them, especially the tribal tattoo. A lot of the spite is attributed to several factors, two of which are definitely envy and close mindedness. We think they’re awesome because they are creative, hot and simply look great on her. She has eight or nine tattoos that range from a Marilyn Monroe tattoo to a the tribal tattoo i mentioned earlier. But if her public comments are any indication then I guess we can expect a few more. Unfortunately though, she has only revealed seven to the public but hopefully with time her fans we’ll get to see the remaining one or two as well.

The seven megan fox tattoos that we’ve seen so far vary greatly in style. There are two that are textual and were designed using Old English font, with a mix of Gothic German. These two tattoos along with Marilyn Monroe’s portrait on her arm are the ones that stand out the most. She also has a tribal symbol on her left arm and a star and crescent tattoo on top of her ankle. And how could we forget the cursive letter Brian tattoo that is slightly south of her waist. Tattoos mean a great deal to Megan Fox, so much in fact that she promised to give up Hollywood altogether if she ever lost a role because of them. They have become a part of her and transcend mere vanity body art. So they’re no simply body art, she gets them for a reason and many times that pertains to her mindset and what she’s feeling at that moment in time.

The following tattoo reads: We will all laugh at gilded butterflies, and is located on her back, behind the right shoulder. The font used to design this awesome tattoo is an Old English font but the letter A is actually Gothic, probably medieval German. It looks very cool but unfortunately many people don’t even notice how the A differs in this here. I wish we knew the reason why the A’s are different from the rest of the letters. I guess writers and interviewers are too busy staring at her warez than to notice the difference between the A’s in the rib tattoo and this one. The quote is adapted from a Shakespeare’s piece called King Lear. When Megan was asked what it meant, she replied ” to not get too caught up in Hollywood because people will end up laughing at you.” I think she has Hollywood figured out!

star tattoos on ribs

star tattoos on ribs

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