star tattoos on hips

Posted: January 8, 2011 in star tattoos on hips
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star tattoos on hips

star tattoos on hips

star tattoos on hips

Right on the center of the back of her neck there’s a symbol of strength tattooed in Chinese calligraphy. This is Megan Fox’s first tattoo and receives the least amount of attention because her hair is always covering it. It’s there though and she really needs the strength and inspiration it gives off. Hollywood is her business after all, and being the hottest woman alive, in addition to being the Transformers star, calls for spiritual strength from the critics. She opted to get this little tatt first because she’s shy and hesitant, and for these reasons, selected a location that is pretty hidden from public view.Megan Fox loves the ocean. It’s special to her, it gives her peace of mind, and she also likes to surf. So she decided to get a cool tribal tattoo with two waves to show her affection for the seas. Thing is the dude who tattooed this particular tribal tattoo was a little off that night. He was as she put it, ‘not all there’. So the tribal tattoo didn’t come out exactly like she wanted and rumor has it, she’s planning on removing it. I think many fans will miss the Megan Fox tattoo because it came to symbolize her imperfect and rebellious nature. She makes the tattoos hot and not the other way around, so it would be cool if she kept it.

star tattoos on hips

star tattoos on hips

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