star tattoos on hip

Posted: January 8, 2011 in star tattoos on hip
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star tattoos on hip

star tattoos on hip

star tattoos on hip

Well this one seems pretty obvious for most people. The hip tis where the leg bone connects to the rest of the body in what is called a ball and socket joint. For all intensive purpose the hip is the bony part of the femur that sticks out as it connects to inside of the hip bone.
Pain Level Of Hip Bone Tattoos

Since the area is primarily made of bone and there is not a lot of extra fat or muscle to protect the bone a tattoo here is higher on the pain scale then say one on the leg or thigh. However, it is still a very popular options that many women like to get. The area is very sensual for obvious reasons and can be a great place for a tattoo. One other thing to watch out for is the tattoo after care. Since the hip bone is in a place where pants will often rub special precaution needs to take place to avoid excessive wear on the area after you have gotten the tattoo ink done. It can take longer to heal due to this friction and the amount of movement in the area.
Hip Tattoo Ideas

Getting a tattoo on the hip is primarily a female tattoo. There are very few men who will get a tattoo here unless it is part of a much larger tattoo design that just happens to extend down to this area. So many of the common female tattoo designs can be used here. Anything from a fairy to an angel to a butterfly can all work well in the area. Often women also like to get more traditionally many tattoos in this area. Such as a skull and crossbones, a dragon or even a nautical star. However, due to the placement of the tattoo in such a sensual place it no longer looks to many but interestingly enough very sexy. The juxtaposition of a mainly tattoo is such a feminine area often works really well. Another consideration is many people like to get symmetrical tattoos in this area and might design a tattoo that worked well on both sides. For example a angel and a devil can work well with one on each side of the hip.

Whatever design you choose you will want something that is pretty small and not to large. Since the hip is a small area it will fit better if the tattoo is smaller and therefore you will want it to be not overly intricate either. IF you get a really small tattoo that is very intricate you are headed for an ink spot in the future that can become indiscernible.

star tattoos on hip

star tattoos on hip

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