star of life tattoos

Posted: January 7, 2011 in star of life tattoos
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star of life tattoos

star of life tattoos

star of life tattoos

Considering the pain that one has to go through to get it, rib tattoo is astounding and defnitely one of a kind. The rib cage is comparable to a big canvas for a body art where are ample room to work on for large pieces. With this tattoo being done on the part very close to the bone, pain would really be on the higher scale since there are lesser tissues to cushion the skin while needle is penetrating through it. If the chosen design is on the larger side, the completion usually takes more than one session since the pain can come to a point to being intolerable. Normally, tattoo images are rendered on ink from the hip all the way up to the area near the armpit while some wrap around the bacWomen love working rib tattoo art from the lower stomach all the way up to the side of the breast. Tattoo art on ribs that are normally found on women are flowers complete with leaves and stems with very vibrant and lively colors.Rib tattoos can really be sexy in a woman as it follow through the shape to emphasize the natural curves of the body. Flowers such as cherry blossom tree, lilies, orchids and floral vines are some of the most common designs that can be seen on the rib cage of females. Other non flower tattoos on ribs are lettering, fluttering butterflies, and stars.

star of life tattoos

star of life tattoos


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