flower tattoos for girls

Posted: November 24, 2009 in flower tattoos
flower tattoos for girls

flower tattoos for girls

flower tattoos for girls

# Although the website Free Tattoo Designs states that more men than women get tattoos, it also notes that tattooing for women is now accepted and popular. According to the website, women tend to get smaller, more delicate tattoos that function as accessories. And one of the most popular tattoo designs for girls is the flower. But because flowers look different—and each has its own symbolic meaning—there are many different flower tattoo ideas for girls.
# According to Free Tattoo Designs the rose is one of the most popular flower tattoos for girls. Both beautiful and symbolic, a rose tattoo can have many meanings. They symbolize romance, and they have also had various spiritual and religious meanings. While the most popular color of rose tattoo is red, different colors have different meanings. If you are going to get a rose tattoo you can choose from a variety of symbolic meanings, or choose your own.
Lotus Flower and Cherry Blossom
# Both designs out of Asia, lotus flowers traditionally represent purity and enlightenment while cherry blossoms represent love and feminine beauty. According to Newsfinder.org, the lotus flower is also deeply connected with Buddhist traditions. It has many different meanings, some of which, as with the rose, vary according to color.
Sunflower and Daisy
# Both sunflower and daisy tattoos can serve as beautiful tattoos for girls who want to project different images. Free Tattoo Designs describes the daisy as “ladylike” and the sunflower as “striking.” Each tattoo sends a different message, but each can be beautiful and attractive


Source: ehow


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