flower wrist tattoos

Posted: November 21, 2009 in flower tattoos
flower wrist tattoos

flower wrist tattoos

flower wrist tattoos

Wrist tattoos can be very hot and are great on both womena and men alike. Thus they make for very popular tattoo themes. They are typically on the small side, inexpensive to get done and can adapt to a wide vareity of designs. For example tribal bands, Celtic knotwork, stars, and Hawaiian designs all work well for wrist tattoos.Wrist Tattoo Design Resources

Women however are looking for something more delicate and femnine. However don’t let us be the judge of what you want to get and by all means women go out and get the tattoo you want not becuase it is popular but because it is something you want. If you want flames for your wrist tattoo then go for it!Top Designs For Female Wrist Tattoos

The cost of any tattoo can vary widely depending ont he artist, the shop, how busy they are and if you decide to use a flash design or get a custom design tattoo. However since wrist tattoo are typically smaller in scale then say a full sleeve tattoo it typically is less expensive. Wrist tattoos can run from $50 up to $200 dollars.

Time Commitment Of Wrist Tattoos

Most wrist tattoos are done in one compelte sitting lasting a few hours at most. They are againt ypically smaller in size and less work to ink. Once the design is transfferred it is pretty quick to complete the tattoo.

Pain Level Of Wrist Tattoos

In terms of pain wrist tattoos can be pretty high ont he scale. Since the wrist bones and very close to the surface of the skin there is not much fatty tissue for theneddle to go into. Therefore wrist tattoos like foot tattoos tend to be more painful.

Other Downsides

The only other downside to a wrist tattoo other then the pain level is that it is not easily hidden. Of course if you wear long sleeve shirts all the time this is not much of a problem and if you get an inner wrist tattoo it is less visible. However fora first tattoo most people advise against a wrist tattoo just becuase it is so hard to cover it up. If oyu are already in a career or employed ina job where tattoos don’t matter then this realy isn’t anything to consider. However, if you are ina conservative work environment you might want to carefully consider if a wrist tattoo is for you or not. In the end the choice is yours and if you are commited to a wrist tattoo and realy want one then go for it.

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