flower memorial tattoos

Posted: November 21, 2009 in flower tattoos
flower memorial tattoos

flower memorial tattoos

flower memorial tattoos

The flower tattoo design is a very popular tattoo design, and is seen on many different kinds of people. Although most flower tattoos are seen on women’s bodies, a number of different flower designs are also popular for men, too. There are many excellent reasons for choosing a flower tattoo design, and the design should reflect the meaning and personal feelings behind this choice.

The Symbolism of the Flower

The flower tattoo design is very popular because the different flower designs have different meanings. Those that are drawn spread open with vibrant colors and petals reflect purity and openness. Flowers are often chosen to show an appreciation for the goodness and beauty present in life. The flower tattoo design can be seen as a symbol of what the wearer is aspiring to, personally and emotionally. Flowers are often seen as innocent and optimistic; the imagery of an opening flower may be used to show the start of something new and good.A basic flower tattoo design is the simple rose, which represents one’s love for another person. Another is the lotus, which can be used to represent calm inner beauty. However, there are countless flowers to choose from and you can get very creative in your selection.

The Memorial Flower Tattoo Design

The flower tattoo design also makes beautiful memorials for a loved one who has passed away prematurely. It can serve as a lasting reminder of that person. These flower tattoos are the ones most often chosen by men because they represent this memory, not an abstract symbol.

Understanding the Design of Flower Tattoos

The flower tattoo design is often featured in combination with other symbols or designs to create a larger piece that depicts a full picture or story. The meaning of the tattoo itself is dependent upon all of the other images in the design. Each element holds a special meaning for the person, and the whole design is a deeply personal image. On the other hand, not all flower tattoos hold this special meaning; many are chosen simply for their beauty.

A flower tattoo design can be not only beautiful and innocent, but also sinister. These unique flower tattoos are usually chosen by those who look innocent on the outside, but are a little naughty behind closed doors. These tattoos are popular among those who would like to be able to show off a beautiful tattoo in some situations without disclosing the meaning behind it. They may choose a sinister flower tattoo design to show that they are not all that they appear to be on the outside.

There are many different flower tattoo designs from which one can choose. This is a personal choice, and should depend on your personal preferences as well as the message you want to convey with the tattoo.

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