flower hip tattoos

Posted: November 19, 2009 in flower tattoos
flower hip tattoos

flower hip tattoos

flower hip tattoos

Of course flower tattoo shave been popular among women since they started getting tattoos. However, in the old days a floral or flower tattoo design for women would consist of a single rose bud and that was about it. These days the flower tattoos for girls are growing and expanding. They make use of very bright and bold colors and often are a couple of flowers arranged together with the stems and even some ribbon to make them look more full and together. Also many people are not getting just the rose because of it’s symbolism but not many women have ventured out into all kinds of other flowers and the symbolism and meaning behind them. Some of the more popular flower trends right now are more about the exotic flowers. Things like the lotus flower and the cherry blossom as well as the hibiscus flowers are way more popular for both their incredible visual beauty but also the mysterious nature they hold.

Hip Tattoos
The hip and rib cage area seems to be the hottest area for women to get a tattoo design inked on these days. They are both great areas on the body for a tattoo since they are pretty easy to hide and can go with either small designs or larger tattoos. They are also easy to cover up when needed in a professional setting. The only draw back is they can be a bit more painful to get inked. Last but not least one other huge benefit here is they wont stretch or fade as quickly.

Foot Tattoos
Foot tattoos have been a popular trend for the last 5 to 10 years among women. Many women have taken the jump and already gotten foot and wrist tattoo designs. Again they are a great location for a tattoo design since they will be easy to cover up when needed. They are small and the work can typically be completed in just a few hours. That makes them less expensive to get inked and easier to design. The only downside of foot tattoos is they can be rather painful.

Some of the top trends and ideas for cool tattoos for girls are noted above. Things like floral designs that are big and have bright colors, Hip and side tattoo designs are also hot as well as foot tattoo designs. Again just take these as a few ideas to spark your own imagination and then go wild and have fun



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