flower hand tattoos

Posted: November 19, 2009 in flower tattoos
flower hand tattoos

flower hand tattoos

flower hand tattoos

We’ve been tracking tattooed celebrities at Vanishing Tattoo for more years than we care to remember, squinting at fuzzy photos of beautiful people in a selfless effort to see if that blurry spot on the backside of a B-list body is really an unknown piece of body art – and all for the edification of you, our faithful audience. We endlessly (or so it seems) scour the Internet, straining and sacrificing our eye-sight so that others may gaze upon the tattoos of the rich and famous in wonderment.

After years of compiling lists in which we divulged who among the numerous annual inventories of the “sexiest”, “most desirable” and “most beautiful” women in the world had tattoos, we decided to simply put together our own list. Easier said than done. There were numerous heated discussions about body art, big tattoos versus little tattoos, hot versus not, and A-list over the straight-to-video crowd. Mostly done without the aid of alcohol. But we did it.

One final Editorial Note, there are some very “Hot” celebrities with tattoos who did not make this list. And of course the only criteria for being on the list was that you had to have a tattoo, still be alive (sorry Aaliyah and Anna Nicole) and for some reason pique the curiosity of our great audience. That being said, some hot babes like Mandy Moore, Avril Lavigne and Portia de Rossi have ink that you need a magnifying glass to spot and we drew the line at celebrity women whose flirtation with anorexia is the opposite of hotness in our humble opinion.

So here it is, The Vanishing Tattoo presents the Hottest One Hundred and One Women with Tattoos in the World for 2007.

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