flower and butterfly tattoos

Posted: November 13, 2009 in flower tattoos
flower and butterfly tattoos

flower and butterfly tattoos

flower and butterfly tattoos

Butterfly tattoo designs are more popular then flower tattoos, animal tattoos, dragon tattoos, fairy tattoos or any other tattoo design subject. These amazing creatures captivate our imaginations and have attracted countless individuals to permanently decorate their skin. Perhaps it is the infinite variety in pattern and color that makes them so popular. Maybe it is the way their bright and beautiful wings show a flash of color as they take flight and dance with a freedom and lightness that we can only imagine. Whatever the reason, butterfly tattoo designs look great on the skin. Whether you choose a butterfly as a lower back design or a small one as a ankle design, the butterfly makes a colorful statement. Often people choose a tribal butterfly tattoo. These black images can feature elaborate organic or celtic patterns. Sometimes butterflies are seen with flowers for a stunning lower back or tail bone tattoo. The shape and symmetry of the butterfly have inspired tattoo artists and illustrators to create an incredible array of amazing designs to choose from. Butterfly designs are as varied and individual as the insects they are inspired by. They have as much personality as the people who choose to wear them.
Butterflies have long been associated with Fairies. Who knows whether fairies borrow butterfly wings or butterflies borrow little fairy wings. Either way, we generally see fairies with the wings of a butterfly. Often in tattoo design, paintings, pictures and illustrations we can see butterflies and fairies together. Some artists have the idea that the butterfly best represents the multicultural aspects of Nature itself. Perhaps this represents the human desire to create harmony with nature. Perhaps it represents a desire to fly with the freedom and beauty of the butterfly.

Source: tattoojohnny


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