flower & butterfly tattoos

Posted: November 11, 2009 in flower tattoos
flower & butterfly tattoos

flower & butterfly tattoos

flower & butterfly tattoos

As captivating and as pretty as they are, butterflies are also commonly combine with flower as a tattoo design. Flowers are the embodiment of nature and concise symbols of the cycle of birth, life, procreation, death and rebirth. Flowers and butterfly naturally come together. Butterflies feed by nectarine at flowers and it’s a sight to behold. Both flowers and butterfly represent femininity and beauty.

Butterfly flower tattoos are the most sought after feminine tattoos designs. Whether you combine the butterfly and flower into one design or decide to separate them, there are endless choices to make it your own and make it unique. What makes butterfly flower tattoos so popular are their beauty, symbolic meaning, and infinite variety in pattern and color. You may choose to spread butterfly wings on your lower back, a small one as an ankle design, or a butterfly with flowers as a stunning lower back tattoo.

Flower butterfly tattoo designs are flexible and can be tattooed onto a number of different places on the body. Most common choice would be the lower back design or even a full back design. They would also look great at upper back, legs, thighs, stomach and even hip tattoos. Flower butterfly tattoos are very easy to size and shape to fit the shape of a female’s body perfectly. Aside from that, they are both very colorful and pretty and can be hot looking with just about any color. When put together, they mimic the natural process of a butterfly’s attraction to a flower.

Flower butterfly tattoos can come out as colorful and picturesque. With the sheer variety of choices for butterflies or flowers in terms of colors and kind, it would not be hard to come up with a unique design for this combination. Flowers can be inked as a young bud, in full bloom or part of a growing vine. Butterflies can be embedded as small and delicate with a tribal and celtic touch or as big and bold. With tattoos as being an addiction, a lot of women even go for a myriad of colorful and lovely butterflies on their back as if re-creating a garden scene. The possibilities of an exceptional and one of kind design for flower butterfly tattoos are undeniably endless.

Whether its for aesthetic values, for symbolical reasons or its just plain pretty to look at, a woman can never go wrong with flower butterfly tattoos. They are part of nature and will definitely not go out of style.

Source: butterflytattooideas


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