five star chick tattoos

Posted: November 11, 2009 in star tattoos
five star chick tattoos

five star chick tattoos

five star chick tattoos

I knew it was coming. I fuckin’ knew it. People cease to amaze with the lengths they will go to make themselves standout. A few weeks ago the world paused in amazement (and ridicule) of Birdman’s latest piece of body art. So how do you out do the #1 Stunna? By doing exactly what this young lady did in this picture. I don’t know who she is, so I won’t call her outside of her name, whatever it may be. But really though sweetie? What the hell are you gonna do when you’re 35? While most women refer to themselves as “grown ass women” or “independent women”, you’re going to be the only one in your camp still referring to herself after a song that many likely won’t remember 10 years from now. “5 Star Chick” was a hit record and most certainly a club anthem, but ink worthy it is NOT. Hell, even the slogan’s originator, Yo Gotti, was surprised.

But what may be one person’s mistake is the lighting of another’s creative lightbulb. Other suggestions for completely pointless, yet highly entertaining tattoos? Here goes nothing.

Source: smokingsection


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