fairy moons and star tattoos

Posted: November 8, 2009 in star tattoos
fairy moons and star tattoos

fairy moons and star tattoos

fairy moons and star tattoos

Fairy moons and star tattoos are becoming a more common feminine tattoo. Females often seek out the pretty tattoos or the girlie ones and fairy moons and star tattoos are no exception. With such a large following of mythical cultures, the girl looking for the perfect fairy moon and star tattoo is sure to find one she loves and wants to keep forever. Mythical tattoos are a seasoned favourite for many reasons. They are a part of the unknown and people have always been intrigued by the unknown and all things mysterious in nature.

Fairies have been around as long as any other mythical creature and the true origins of their tales varies from culture to culture. Some believe them to be the souls of the pagan dead well others believe them to be fallen angels. No matter what you believe them to be or where you believe they came from you are sure to be able to find one that you like best. With a beautiful addition of stars and moons it can it anywhere on the body that you choose.

Some females choose to get these across the lower back, where the fairy is the central piece with moons and stars in beautiful tribal accentuate it. Others go for just a small tattoo with just a single fairy sitting upon a moon with a small star along side it. Feminine tattoos can be wonderful and unique as the women who bear them and with a mythical tattoo the design is only limited by your imagination as their is no “true” form for the fairy. Moons and stars are also very open in design and colouration so you are sure to find the uniquely you tattoo. A custom is probably your best bet so that you have a beautiful fairy immortalized upon your body that really stands for who you are and why you got it.


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