cute star tattoos

Posted: November 3, 2009 in star tattoos
cute star tattoos

cute star tattoos

cute star tattoos

Shooting star tattoos seem to be a popular form of tattoo. There are many different variations of shooting star tattoos. They can be incorporated into different tattoo styles and are usually tattooed on the arms, shoulders, ankles or abdomen. Here is a short description on the meanings of shooting star tattoos.

Shooting star tattoos are a popular form of tattoo according to many tattooists. A lot of people seem to be getting them because they express their inner desire to be a star and they generally look cool especially on females! Perhaps its because pop culture feeds into this desire to be a star. What better way to reach for the stars than by getting a shooting star tattoo.

Shooting star tattoos can also symbolize a brief fleeting moment in ones life just like the brief wonder of seeing a shooting star race across the night sky. They can also be a symbol of reaching ones ultimate destiny and are popular among stars of the Hollywood variety. Nowadays every washed up musician and Hollywood actor can be spotted sporting their tattoos on the covers of glossy magazines or flashing across our TV’s.

Shooting stars, asteroids, and the movement of the heavenly bodies in the night sky have always fascinated to humans. Some cultures have always had strong beliefs and superstitions in the meaning of shooting stars. Traditionally shooting stars also meant a new birth and changes in ones life and also a wish for a better life.

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