buy stick on temporary flower tattoos

Posted: November 2, 2009 in flower tattoos
buy stick on temporary flower tattoos

buy stick on temporary flower tattoos

buy stick on temporary flower tattoos

Everyone knows that the butterfly is by far the most popular tattoo design. But on the other hand not everyone has the strength of getting a real butterfly tattoo. Well, no need to worry guys and girls, for simple butterfly tattoos can solve your ordeal. You have two options on how to get temporary butterfly tattoos; one is to get a henna butterfly tattoo and; two is to buy stick-on butterfly tattoos.

Before getting a butterfly henna tattoo, you should take necessary precautions to avoid skin damage. First and foremost, make sure that the henna designer that will make your temporary tattoos is known for his/her work sanitation. Second, ask about the components of the henna mixture. If possible, be physically available during the mixing process to check as well the instruments or containers for the henna mixture. Third step is to make a skin test. Before proceeding with the actual henna tattooing, allow your skin to respond first with the henna mixture. This is to avoid any negative skin reaction that can turn into allergies. Once everything passes your standard, then have your temporary butterfly tattoos made.

On the other hand, stick-on tattoos are more applicable to younger people especially to children. During children parties, stick-on temporary tattoos can make the party extra special. There’s no fuss in getting a stick-on tattoos since you only need water to transfer the butterfly from its special paper to the kids’ skins.

Whatever option you choose, temporary butterfly tattoos can easily add a splash of color in your days and evades the pain of a real one.

Source: newjapanesetattoo


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