butterfly and flower tattoos

Posted: November 2, 2009 in flower tattoos
butterfly and flower tattoos

butterfly and flower tattoos

butterfly and flower tattoos

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Butterfly Tattoo Designs and Pictures

Butterfly tattoos are just another trend of butterfly designs which include hair clips and jewelry. The great thing about butterfly tattoo designs is they can be designed in all shapes, sizes and colors without losing too much of the appeal. There are small butterfly tattoos resembling the real insect as well as those cartoon style designs. Some people combine other tattoo styles with the butterfly design such as tribal butterfly tattoos, celtic butterfly tattoos and flower butterfly tattoos. With a butterfly tattoo it is a good idea to use a lot of different colors to bring out the design. Butterfly tattoos are best located on smaller parts of the body including the swell of the back, toes, ankles, side of the waist, chest, and other locations as well. Although not exclusive just for women, butterfly tattos just do not have the same appeal on men because the design is meant to accentuate beautiful aura. They are also perfect for sexually provocative spots. There are already many butterfly tattoos on the web including many personal creations that are very beautiful and original. Butterfly tattoos are also easier to self design as well because of their basic simplicity. However there are those designs with many colors that are a little more ingenius. When chosing a butterfly tattoo, make sure to look around because the choices of good designs are so numerous that it will be hard to chose just one.


Source: find


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