body star tattoos

Posted: November 2, 2009 in star tattoos
body star tattoos

body star tattoos

body star tattoos

star tattoosTo paint your body there is no any better option but to take beautiful art element, tattoo. Being the ancient form of body art, tattoos have multiplied their attractiveness among the young generation. And even tattoos have snatched a strong place in the today’s fashion world while at the same time they become the latest craze.

Having different stunning look, there are lots of popular designs in the line of tattoos like star, cross, butterfly, flower, religious, ladybug. Though stars are called as universal symbols, they hold lots of signs and images. Taking star tattoos one would be a star. These designs could be tattooed on your ankles, wrist, upper-back or lower-back area, shoulders, chest and anywhere on your body.

According to historians, tattoos came into sight during Neolithic time (between about 8000 bc and 5000 bc). Currently, there are a good number of trends in tattoos like naturalistic, abstraction, complex structures, and so forth. Simultaneously, different countries, societies, ethnic groups and tradition bear their own tattoos. Once upon a time tattoos were seen only among bikers, sailors or freaks while some taboos were also attached with tattoos. However, over the years, they attained much popularity around the world bringing all taboos and prohibitions.

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