birth flower tattoos

Posted: October 18, 2009 in birth flower tattoos
birth flower tattoos

birth flower tattoos

birth flower tattoos

Flower tattoos look superb and beautiful on one’s body. They are one of the most loved tat images because they are adaptable, symbolical and imaginatively interesting. Even if lotus, rose, lilies and Hawaiian flowers are some of the most celebrated floral tats, there are a whole lot of other varieties that you can use as body art. Even better, why not go for your birth flower signs to make it even more symbolical and important to you.

January’s flower is the ruffled-like carnation. It’s meaning differs depending on the color. The white carnation represents purity and luck, the pink varieties for romance and the red one suggests love.

February has the striking iris which can be normally found in the colors of purple, white and yellow. They generally suggest love, wisdom and faith. Meaning can also differ according to color, like the purple representing royalty and the yellow iris connoting passion.

March has bright yellow daffodil as its flower which is renowned as the first flower of spring. Because of that, it has been associated with new beginning and rebirth although could also denote a promise of happiness and joy.

Daisy is the month flower of April. It can be found in a wide array of colors like red, pink, orange and green. It symbolizes purity and innocence.
birth flower tattoos

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