bird of paradise flower tattoos

Posted: October 18, 2009 in bird of paradise flower tattoos
bird of paradise flower tattoos

bird of paradise flower tattoos

bird of paradise flower tattoos

The Anthurium: It is a popular heart-shaped tropical flower which symbolizes hospitality. The most popular ones are red in color, though they are available in an array of colors ranging from orange, purple, white, green and pink.

The Hibiscus flower: The striking beautiful yellow hibiscus flower is the state flower of Hawaii. It symbolizes delicate beauty. Hibiscus is available in a variety of colors like pink, red and purple, though yellow is the most popular while getting a tattoo. When Hawaiian women wear a hibiscus behind their ear, it represents that they are ready for marriage.

Orchids: The most popular orchids in Hawaii are the dendrobium orchids, which are shaped like butterflies. It symbolizes a number of qualities like love, beauty, strength, magnificence and luxury, which makes it perfect for coming up with your original Hawaiian tattoo.

The Birds of Paradise flower: This flower with large blue and orange blossom looks very dramatic and resembles a bird in flight. It represents joyfulness and paradise. If you prefer a bright and colorful tattoo, this tattoo is perfect for you.

Plumeria Flower Tattoo: Plumeria is a tropical flower which is commonly used to make lei (a garland in Hawaii), which are used to welcome tourists. Mostly known for its sweet fragrance, its color varies from pink, white to deep red. Plumeria can often be used to accentuate another flower like a Hibiscus. However, this tattoo can also be inked as a main design because of its simplicity and elegance. This flower is historically associated with life and procreation. When depicted in a lei, it can symbolize hospitality and warmth.

To make your tattoos look original and interesting, you can combine your tattoos with other symbols like hula girls or ocean waves, that also have a connection with the island of Hawaii. These flower tattoos are often seen on parts of the body like the foot, shoulder, arm, ankle, and hip area. Read more on flower tattoo designs.

bird of paradise flower tattoos

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